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XL Pharmacy is the right place for those looking to buy Viagra online without a prescription. They can do this by simply filling an online medical form, foregoing a previous medical prescription. In spite of this, customers must be fully aware that XL Pharmacy does not dispense medical advice, and even though a medical consultation is offered, it should never take the place of your personal, local doctor. This is because generic Viagra is a medication made with an active ingredient (Sildenafil Citrate) that is bio-equivalent to that found in the brand name drug. Therefore, a local physician is the only person that can prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

As far as prices go, customers may find that Viagra online at XLPharmacy has considerably lower prices, both because generic products are typically cheaper than branded medications, and also due to the variety of discounts and offers available on a regular basis. These include a price match policy and a returning customer bonus, just to name a couple. In addition to this, free shipping is applicable to orders over $250, further reducing the investment made by the customer. Such an investment may be fully recovered as well through a refund, thanks to a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy.

After an order for Viagra without prescription has been processed, it is delivered following XLPharmacy shipping policies, which aim at making sure that customers receive their full package in a timely manner. There are several shipping modes from which the customer can choose, including an online tracking option designed to monitor the progress of the order. Since customers are the cornerstone of XL Pharmacy, there is a customer service department that can be reached via email, live chat and phone, and which is at customer's beck and call.

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